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Design Pinuccio Borgonovo

Fiocco is a simple sofa in terms of its modularity and shapes; the individual components of the sofa can be arranged as wished and they can express full-circle harmony with high-performance combinations in any format.



Fiocco was rolling around in my mind as a simple modular sofa, consisting of just a handful of elements to be assembled as desired.
The concept that led to materialisation of the shape is that its dimensions and its lines would express the same perception of 360° harmony: I feel that it should be observed and admired in the same way as a statue or a piece of sculpture, by walking around it to examine it from every angle.

Pinuccio Borgonovo

There are seven base seating elements, including two chaise-longues and a five-sided unit that allows the creation of soft, gently curved arrangements.

The large cushions can be used as back- or armrests and are available in two heights. They are anchored to the bases by means of a curved ‘U-shape’ metal rod. This functional and aesthetic addition stabilises the cushions, leaving ample room for the textile component and highlighting the visual impact of this warm and welcoming seating unit. Fiocco is a sofa that invites you to sink into its comfort or to plop yourself down on it as if it were a drift of newly fallen snow.